Our expertise

Geode-solutions is looking, researching and developing technologies and expertise to tackle next generation of 2D and 3D modeling challenges using advanced meshing.

Geosciences meshing
Surfaces remeshing or volumetric meshing, using tetrahedral or more complex meshes such as hybrid meshes, is a necessary but often difficult operation. This is particularly the case when dealing with open surfaces including holes, multiple contacts and small angles, as it is in geological models. Our meshing technologies are based on robust and pragmatic algorithms to garantee the result of this key operation.
Geosciences modeling
Creating a complete geological model from a set of independent surfaces or a set of points is known as explicit or implicit modeling. Based on data, knowledge, interpolation, and robust geometrical/topological editing operations, our modeling tools are able to build numerical models of the subsurface domain of interest.
Geosciences model repair
Before doing any computation or meshing step, make sure your data satisfies your needs. Meshes can be degenerated, non-manifold, collocated and boundary representations can have topological issues. Our model repair technologies tracks, exposes and fixs a lot of flawed configurations from your data

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