What we do

Open source platform
OpenGeode is our open source platform for representing and manipulating geological models. It is designed from the ground up to support any geosciences applications requiring a discretized geological model. The platform is easy to use thanks to its readable API and its JavaScript scriptability for quick prototyping.
Advanced meshing
Our reliable and pratical solutions for meshing combine innovative technologies across industrial fields. It allows us to bring robustness and high industrial quality meshes on deeply complex models. Available in proprietary OpenGeode extension.

Why Geode-solutions

Aiming real-time using modern concurrency and GPU-accelerated programming
Dedicated for scientists using today's technologies, offering intuitivity and reactiveness
Compatible and constinuously tested on Windows, Linux and MacOS
New features and improvments continuously shipped using automatic updates
Free open-source platform and plugin system for modular and custom development

Our partners

Who we are

Arnaud Botella President & co-founder
Mesh generation
Pierre Anquez CEO & co-founder
Repair and simplification