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Geode-solutions provide a set of OpenGeode extensions designed to overcome classical bottlenecks in modeling and meshing applications both 2D and 3D. These extensions offer new solutions developed with state-of-the-art technologies with robustness, performance and pragmatism as main development driver. Every extension is deeply tested to reach optimum stability and efficiency. They are delivered as a complete application with user interface and as software components easily integrable in any software suite using their C++ and Python API, and available on Windows and Linux.

Pilot program

Join our pilot program to be the first to take advantage of Geode-solutions new high technologies.

  • Involvement: You participate in bringing mature and production-ready technologies into your workflows
  • Influence: Your feedbacks drive technologies to overcome your current bottlenecks
  • Premiere: You receive prime access to early technology developments
  • Keep abreast: You benefit from continuous improvements releasing, up to each week
  • Acknowledgment: Your investment is rewarded with price discount

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