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OpenGeode integration in software suite
You would like to use OpenGeode environment, features and technologies within another software suite. We offer you the possibility to integrate OpenGeode ecosystem through other platform plugins.
Third party integration in OpenGeode
You are used to specific code and you need its features in an OpenGeode extension. We are able to develop your OpenGeode extension integrating your code and its features.
Prototyping ideas
You need a technical solution to solve a dedicated problem. You have or have not preliminary idea to reach that goal. Geode-solutions listens to you to develop for you a working prototype.
Custom development
You have precise needs on software development and features. You do not have technical skills to execute this development project. We propose you our skills and experience to design and develop your solution.
Expertise and Consulting
You have specific questions or needs on meshing tasks or existing tools. Our experts advices and skills will allow you to reach your objectives faster.
You need to learn how to work with OpenGeode platform and our products. You ask for courses on modeling and meshing or on software development. We can build together custom training program designed from your needs.

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