Open source platform for representing and manipulating geometric models

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Key features

Open source and cross-platform
OpenGeode is an open source C++ framework available on GitHub, under a permissive software license (MIT). We also provide pre-compiled releases on several platforms: Windows, UNIX-based, macOS.
Geometric and geological models
OpenGeode offers a CAD framework dedicated to Geosciences with data structures for meshes (wells, faults, horizons, 3D structured, partially or fully unstructured meshes), and for boundary representations organizing a rich set of relationships between geological features (structural models, cross-sections).
Industrial quality
A complete set of tools is used around OpenGeode to ensure its quality and its stability. The Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery philosophy has been chosen: code changes are delivered more frequently, more reliably (high-leveled tests) and as automatic as possible, using Microsoft Azure DevOps tools.
OpenGeode is easy to read since its code intelligibility: API librairies are heavily documented, classes and methods are meaningful named. OpenGeode is easy to get and to compile. Convenient and open-source tools will soon be associated to OpenGeode: a Javascript-based scriptability framework for quick prototyping and a web-based application using an innovative UI and modern technologies.
OpenGeode supports users in adding new functionalities to allow easy adaptation to specific requirements. We provide a quick start template to create your own technologies based on OpenGeode.
Modern concurrency and GPU-accelerated solutions are planned to be integrated to reach real-time computations. We want to deliver turnkey powerful solutions for effective and immediate use.